Kysha And Blake Wedding last Saturday

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Well, we had a wedding at The Inn At Oak Lawn Farms this past Saturday. This is our second wedding out there, and the folks who run that just could not be nicer.

Big thanks to Sandi and Tonya for helping me out so much and giving me the opportunity to film there. The last wedding I did there, it was semi outside(in a tent) and cold! This wedding, we had tornadoes about 10 to 20 miles north of us, and everyone kind of had to divide their attention between getting everything ready for the wedding, and watching the weather to see if we would have to abandon ship and head for the basement. But everything was fine.

I think everyone at the wedding had a great time, and Amanda and I enjoyed filming it. I’ll try and get a teaser up here soon, with the highlights to follow.


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Kysha And Blake Wedding last Saturday