A pitch for a wedding coordinator

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This past Saturday I did a wedding in Alvaton, GA, at The Banquet Hall Of Alvaton. First off, this place is beautiful.  Once you get inside, you can tell they knew what they were doing when they set the place up.  It’s spacious, beautiful on the inside, it has a huge stage for a band, a great room for the bride to get ready in, and a cottage for the groom to go to.  Just  a real neat place to have a wedding.

But another thing that helped the day go smooth was that our couple, Ellen and Morris, hired a wedding coordinator; Corrie Kirk from Signature Weddings and Events.  Its amazing how much smoothly the day goes when you have someone in charge of everything.  Not just for the bride and groom, but for us vendors, too.  Having a go to person who knows when the next thing is going to start is awesome.

We also worked with Kelly DeMarino who was the photographer for the night.  Its always a treat to work with photographers who work with you and respect what you are trying to do.

Highlight video to come soon!

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A pitch for a wedding coordinator