Georgia’s Water Problems

Posted by on February 2, 2008 in Random | 0 comments

As anyone from Georgia knows, we are going through a bit of a drought here, and have what some call a “water crisis”. And in the midst of that, we’ve been in this water war with Florida for years, and it has escalated with the water shortage. Basically we don’t won’t to send water downstream to them, and they would like it if we did. Well, here is an open letter to Governor Perdue; They’ve got plenty of water. As mentioned in my previous post, I was down in Orlando a couple weeks back, and it was amazing. As you were driving along the highway, there would be so many pools of water along the sides, or in the middle. Most off and on ramps were surrounded by bodies of water that I would not feel wrong fishing in. I really meant to take some pictures, but forgot, but if anybody from the Governor’s office wants to hire me and pay me a much too large salary, I’ll drive down every couple of weeks and take a picture. I mean really, who’s keeping an eye on these guys. :-)

You won’t see this in Florida!

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Georgia’s Water Problems