Finally, a new post

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Wow, its been awhile since I posted on here.  I’ve been super busy trying to get caught up from a really busy 2009.  We were especially busy in the fall with a wedding almost every weekend, and that has made for a busy winter as I work to get everybody their wedding video before the wedding season starts again(March 3rd is my first wedding this year so far). But I’m rolling along and getting it done.  As many of you know, we dealt with a personal trajedy in the sudden death of my wife’s mother in the fall, and that put me behind, and I want to thank everyone for being so understanding during that time.

I’m looking forward to a great 2010 and finally getting behind the camera again in March!

Here’s another highlight video from a fall wedding.  It was a Kenyan wedding, so it was really cool to see something from another culture.

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Finally, a new post