Halie and Jason’s Atlanta Wedding Video Highlights

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Halie and Jason’s Atlanta Wedding Video Highlights

Halie and Jason have great friends and family in their life. You can tell this from the video. From Jason’s twin brother’s opening toast, to Halie’s sister fighting back tears, to Halie’s best friend closing it out with a tear-jerker, it’s hard not to see.

These two were so much fun during the day. You could tell they wanted to have fun on their wedding day, and that is what they did. Much like myself, Jason is a gamer, and I love the story of his favorite Mario character in the video.

picture of the fickle pickle

Also, on a neat personal note; this wedding took place right across the street from where my great grandmother lived all her life. I didn’t know this going in, but as I was standing outside, I looked across and saw a restaurant called “The Fickle Pickle”. It sounded familiar, and I started thinking back on a conversation I had with my dad where he had went to see his grandmother’s old house a few months back, and someone had bought it and turned it into a restaurant. You guessed it, the Fickle Pickle. My dad used to go there all the time to visit and play, and here I am years later filming a wedding right across the street. It really is a small world sometimes.

Photographer - Alan Friedman
Venue -              Roswell Founder’s Hall

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  1. Thanks again, Wes, for creating such a beautiful video! It definitely captured some of the best moments from the day, and I know we’ll be watching it over and over. We can’t wait to see the rest of the footage! I know it will be just as awesome.

    I also love what you wrote in your post, especially the story about the Fickle Pickle. I remember you telling us the day of and it’s such a neat coincidence. We almost had our rehearsal dinner there too, but it was booked. Can’t remember if I mentioned that :)

    • You are so welcome, Halie. You guys were awesome and made my job so much easier.

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Halie and Jason’s Atlanta Wedding Video Highlights