Emily and Aaron’s Atlanta Wedding Day Highlight Video

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Emily and Aaron’s Atlanta Wedding Day Highlight Video

I’ll never forget the day I went to the AJC’s website to check the news and saw an article titled “Music Midtown ruined my wedding”. Being in the wedding industry, I clicked through to see if it was an interesting article. I found out that the wedding was at Piedmont park, late in September. I thought to myself, hey, I have a wedding at Piedmont Park late in September. It took me a little while, but I finally figured out they were one in the same.

In the end, Emily and Aaron were just having some fun with the fact that 30k people would be at the park that day. They knew it wouldn’t ruin the day, and it didn’t, obviously. They had a great day, and I had a great time filming it. Here are the highlights from that day.

Also, I ripped my pants at this wedding. Not a little bit. A lot. I had to buy a new pair to continue filming the wedding. Embarrassing!



  1. This is the best thing ever! I love it. Thanks for sharing with us. What a good incapsulated memory for y;’all. Love is definitely in the air.

  2. Tissue time!!! Great highlights. Can’t wait to see the longer version.

  3. Amazing video. He caught all of the little moments. It’s great!

  4. OMG – this is awesome! So i’m sitting at work with goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. You guys are adorable together!!! See you in a few days. xoxo

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Emily and Aaron’s Atlanta Wedding Day Highlight Video