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So, I’m sitting in Florida right now, on the last day of my business trip/vacation. My wife, my sister and law, and my two year old son came down here this week. I spent the first part of the week at a videographer’s conference, while my family went to Disney World everyday. But I did get to have a little fun the last couple of days with them.

But honestly I had fun at the conference, too. It was sort of weird at first, because I am not very good at approaching people I don’t know and introducing myself. Well, not very good doesn’t really sum it up. I’ve never been able to do it. But I was challenged by Trisha Von Lanken, from to get 20 business cards before the event was over, so I just started introducing myself to anyone I saw standing by themselves, and ended up with 22 I cards I think it was. But better than that, everyone I approached was eager to talk and share ideas, and it was an eye opening experience. So a big thanks goes out to Trisha. Just seeing Trisha and her husband Mark at the conference was cool enough, because I have admired their work from afar for a little while, but actually talking to them and having them help me out in a personal manner was fantastic, and made the whole trip down here to Orlando worth it.

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  1. Hi Wes! Are you kidding about not being able to go up to people? I was SO glad you came up and introduced yourself to me and Rob at the closing event of Video 08! I thought, “Gee, this guy has it going on if he can just walk up to someone and start up a conversation!” We’ll get a blog going on our website too in a little bit ( Right now we’re visiting with our new puppy, Gracie and getting ready to go to our local Videographer’s meeting! Blessings!

  2. wes, it was nice meeting you in orlando. i’m glad to read that you “broke your mold,” and introduced yourself around. you have one of my cards, so feel free to drop me a line.

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The First Post