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Wedding films are what I do, and wedding films are what I love.  Each wedding is a unique experience and presents a new set of challenges, which is what makes what I do so much fun.  I love meeting couples and getting to know them, and knowing that I am part of crafting something that will be with them for years.  I love hearing from past couples when they tell me that they watched their wedding video again on their anniversary, or Christmas, or whenever.

That is the ultimate goal of what I do; create a wedding film that you actually want to watch.  I was at a wedding one time and one of the groomsmen told another that they had only watched their wedding video one time since being married. I wanted to tell him that he hired the wrong videographer.  I didn’t of course,that would be rude, but that is what happened to him.  My couples constantly tell me that they watch theirs over and over, and that is because of the care and thought that goes into each film.

So whether you just need a highlight video of your day, or a longer feature film, I would love to be a part of your wedding day.


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